Installing cPanel in DigitalOcean droplet - Part 2

After the cPanel is installed, we can log into Web Host Manager (WHM) by going to https://yourserverip:2087.

After logging in we will need to configure our cPanel.

Agree to the license agreement and go to step 2.

In step 2, fill the server contact Email Address and the server's host name for cPanel. I am using but it can be anything in format name.domain.tld.

Rest of the parts like Resolvers and Main Network/Etherner Devices, i left it  default and proceeded to step 3

Step 3 "Setup IP Addresses" was also left as it is with the default settings as droplet has just one ip address.

In step 4,  add  NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM, NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM, NS4.DIGITALOCEAN.COM in the nameserver fields and check Add "A Entries" for Hostname.

IP for Entry field should have the droplet ip address.


In step 5 everything was left default and went to step 6.


Step 6 was left default also and finished the setup wizard.

Now as the cPanel has been successfully configured, we can log in and create a new account for the domain (or whatever domain you are using) itself.

Now we can log into the contropanel by going to

Also, if we go to the domain itself we should see "Index of /" page like in the picture below.


Everything until here is working ok, but we still need to add couple of DNS records to our domain in the DigitalOcean's DNS for our email to work properly and also the hostname configuration in step 2 above ie. to resolve to the server's ip address.

We can add MX record ( mail.domain.tld in my case as i am using cPanel's Local Mail Exchanger ) and CNAME to fix this as shown in the picture below.

Now when we go to, we see the WHM login screen